Mexico Pictures Online

The photos taken during the week of Mexico by our Media team are now available online for you to view, share and download. Enjoy looking at the photos that will bring many good memories back!

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.35.43 AM

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Mexico 2019 Video

Here is the video that was shown in service today. Feel free to share with others.

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All tents and Adult luggage is spread out at church for folks to grab. Blue team and Pink team luggage should arrive to the church today around 2 pm and will be available to pick up then.

Hope to see everyone at Mexico Sunday service tonight at 4:30 pm.

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Parking Lot Fun

Waiting for a bus doesn’t have to be a drag. These students are resourceful and love being together. Many spent extra time talking while others stated an impromptu worship service. Here’s a quick glimpse of the parking lot church!

Gathering everyone to give them an update

Some students preferred the comfy bus to the parking lot

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Headed Home (again)

All 5 buses are back on the road and we hope to be home at 1:30 am at the Miramonte parking lot.

We also will be switching our Mexico Sunday service to the 5 pm service which will be In the Sanctuary. Students are welcome to wear their team shirts if they have them or anything clean if they don’t have their luggage yet. We are asking students to arrive at 4:30 for the service.

We hope all of Blue and Pink teams luggage will be delivered to church tomorrow afternoon and can be picked up after the 5 pm service along with any luggage that did not fit under our busses.

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We’re in a bus parking lot in Kettleman city. Our bus company is bringing another bus to us so we can safely get home. It is coming from Fresno and will take about an hour to get there. We then have another 3+ hour ride home. We anticipate arriving home now sometime around 1:30 am.

We will not have luggage from Pink or Blue team, or any other luggage that may have been under that bus. The luggage will be delivered to church sometime Sunday (we hope). We will update more as we can. Thanks for your patience and prayers.

Meanwhile our kids are being their flexible, wonderful selves. One group started a dance party, many are sitting & talking in clusters, while about 40+ others are enjoying an impromptu opportunity for worship!

We built houses, & now we’re asking God in song to build His Kingdom!

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Dinner stop

Everyone is safe and sound in Kettleman City for diner. We are still waiting for news of our bus and will update as we can.

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