Mexico 2017 Video

Here is a copy of the video of our week last week! Huge shout-out to our Orange Team (Kaley Grupe, Jonathan Metcalf, John Ricketts, Andrew Grupe and David Sonnenschein) for making such a great video so quickly. I will also post later today a link to the slideshow of the week we showed in church on Sunday. 

Mexico 2017

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Back on the Road

Our 4th bus is back on the road and headed towards home. We anticipate it being about 45-50 min later than our other 3 busses  

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One Bus Late

One of our busses had a broken radiator hose and had to pull over to fix it. They have repaired the broken hose and are getting more water. It looks like they will be 45 min to an hour behind the other 3 busses at this point. Will keep you updated. 

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Leaving Kettleman City

Dinner stop is over and all busses are leaving for Moraga now. Hope parents are able to make it to MVPC at 9:30 for the parent debrief. We should be to Miramonte High School by 10:45 pm. 

Reminder that Mexico Sunday is tomorrow am at 9:30 am. We would like students to be at church by 9 am for donuts and to get their Amor shirts to wear for the service. 

Beautiful rainbow at our dinner stop at Kettleman City

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Rest Stop

We’re taking a quick break at a Rest Stop along the Grapevine before heading to Kettleman City for dinner. 

Sorry for last post confusion as well. Nikki won’t be meeting us. Meant to say “We’ll meet you” but voice recognition didn’t quite work as well as I hoped. Back to typing. 

Yumm- snacks

Ice cream vending machines are fun!

Bit chilly at our stop

Bus ride!

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Over the Border

All teams are over the border and are getting back on the bus to drive up towards lunch. Nikki will see you when we get home a little later tonight. Reminder that there is a parent meeting at MVP see at 9:30 PM. Parents will travel from there to Miramonti high school to pick up the group when we get home.

Waiting in the border line

Welcome home!

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On Our Way Home

Busses have left the campsite and are headed toward the border. 

Our empty camp

Busses are loaded and headed home!

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