Tuesday Evening

What a great day we had. Perfect weather (72 deg with a slight breeze) and great teams make for productive days. Most teams finished building their walls and got them standing on their concrete slab. Some were even able to get the roof sections put into place. By this afternoon you could really see the houses begin to take shape. 

Blue Team getting their walls built

Blue Team building in the street as most teams do

A good view of the dirt roads and the beautiful hillsides that surround us just outside of Tijuana

The Adult Team created a beautiful cross out of rebar for the church classroom they are building.

The young mother (she has 3 kids with the youngest being 2 months old) looking at the view they will have from the window in their new home.

Yellow Team got their walls up today. The young mother and her kids in the picture above will enjoy the extra space this new home will give them.

Green Team getting their walls in place

The roof sections are 12 feet by 12 feet and can be difficult to move toward the house when there are trees or wires in the way. It took teamwork for Green Team to get their roof in without any damage.

We ask students to stay away from the dogs as a general rule since many of them just roam the streets but this 3 month old puppy was placed in the arms of an animal lover by the lady Green Team is building for. So cute!

The walls are attached to the foundation by metal straps that are placed in the concrete as it’s poured. Once the concrete has hardened and the walls are placed on top, the straps are then nailed to the wall holding it all together.

About mvpcmexicotrip

This annual trip to Mexico with Amor to build houses for the very poor offers high school students in Lamorinda a chance to see the broader world, connect with other students through meaningful conversation and make a real difference in the life of a family by providing a house.
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