Mexico Mornings

Our morning starts early- 6 am to be exact which is when our alarm goes off. Ok, not actually our alarm because we don’t need to set one. We are sharing camp with 2 other large churches- Saratoga Federated and Community Pres of Danville. They both blast the camp with music at 6 am every day. At first this was frustrating because we all wanted more sleep but everyone has adjusted now and knows how many songs they can stay in their sleeping bags for. 

After getting up and using the bano and washing hands and brushing teeth at our hand washing station we go make our lunch for the day before getting breakfast. Ok, that’s what the students do- the adults all head to the r-board tent where the Peet’s Coffee is being brewed. Yes, we may be camping but we recognize our need for good coffee!

After breakfast (food service begins around 6:30 am) we have a few minutes to get ready for the day before everyone gathers in the circus tent for an announcements. We then pile on to our busses to head out to our worksites. 

Robert Huddlestone learning to brew Peet’s Coffee pour over from Tom Engberg, our master barista

Breakfast served by our Red Team. Each team has a chance to serve each other during the trip

Morning campfire to warm up

Adults enjoying breakfast and coffee together

Brushing teeth and washing hands at the hand wash station

Back rubs are always welcome as you make your lunch

Making lunch in the orange grove. The trees are blooming and smell amazing!

Getting on the busses to head out to work sites and build for a family

About mvpcmexicotrip

This annual trip to Mexico with Amor to build houses for the very poor offers high school students in Lamorinda a chance to see the broader world, connect with other students through meaningful conversation and make a real difference in the life of a family by providing a house.
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