Mexico Packing

This coming Wednesday, March 28 we need all luggage dropped off to the church (look for signs directing you) by 9 pm. This will allow us enough time to get luggage organized and packed before we leave Saturday night. NOTE: Please pack your tent separately and label it well. Tents will go down ahead of students with our advance team and students will find their tents waiting for them in camp (yes, they still have to set them up!).

Here are a couple of packing tips from some pros:

  • Pack light. You have to carry your luggage over the border.
  • Bring warm clothes. Evenings and mornings can be chilly.
  • Label your stuff. All luggage and things like sunshowers need to have your name on them.
  • Wear the same pants. Yup, wear the same pair of work pants every day. Change your shirt, underwear and socks daily but keep wearing those same pants!
  • Boots work. We ask everyone to wear hard soled shoes or at least have some significant protection against nails that may be on the ground.
  • Pack in bags. Many folks have found that packing a shirt, underwear and socks in a large ziplock bag for each day helps keep cloths organized and clean from the dust that gets everywhere.
  • Don’t forget a towel. You can use it as a cover up to and from the showers each day as well!
  • Don’t pack your passports! You will bring them with you to church on Saturday to get on the bus. Your passport is your ticket to ride!
  • Leave your phone at home. You don’t need it in Mexico and by not having it you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen or broken in your tent.

Hope those help. The packing list is available online at or by clicking here – Packing-List-2018.

About mvpcmexicotrip

This annual trip to Mexico with Amor to build houses for the very poor offers high school students in Lamorinda a chance to see the broader world, connect with other students through meaningful conversation and make a real difference in the life of a family by providing a house.
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  1. Scott F says:

    I think you meant leaving Saturday night


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